Facebook Custom Audience is a way for companies to target their ads to people who have already interacted with their brand.

Custom Audiences can be created by importing email addresses or phone numbers. You can also upload a list of website visitors, mobile app users, and social followers.

Custom Audiences gives you the ability to reach people with specific interests and demographics. These audiences are typically very targeted and show high conversion rates.

The Facebook Custom Audience function helps advertisers target their audience based on information they already know about them such as their email address, demographic info, location data, and pages they’ve liked on Facebook.

1. How to Create a Custom Audience on Facebook 

Facebook Custom Audience Creation Guide And Tips

The first thing you want to do is navigate to your Facebook Page. If you are not on the Facebook Page, click on the arrow at the top right of your screen and then choose “Page”. Once you are on your page, look for the “create an audience” option as seen below:

Once you click this button, a window will pop up that will ask you to input a name for your custom audience. You'll also need to input a goal for this custom audience as well as who can see it. For example, if you want to create an email list from those who have visited your website, enter "email" as a goal and "website visitors" as those who can see it:

2. How to Target Your Audience with Demographics & Interests 

How to Target Your Audience with Demographics & Interests

Companies who target specific demographics or interests are more effective. To do this, you should use demographic and interest targeting. This is because it will allow your marketing to speak to people in their own language and offer them what they need in their own words.

1) Interest Targeting: Interest targeting includes targeting people based on the topics they are interested in or what they have searched for online. For example, if someone searches for “green juice”, you can advertise products related to green juice when that person visits other pages on your site.

2) Demographic Targeting: Demographic targeting includes targeting people based on their gender, age range, location or other demographics that are associated with certain habits. For

3. How To Measure the ROI of Your Ads & Custom Audiences

In this section, we will cover the ROI of ads and custom audiences. In other words, how to measure the return on investment from your ads and custom audiences.

When you want to measure the ROI of your ad campaigns, you need to know a few things first: what is your goal? What was your conversion rate? Were there any other marketing channels that you used alongside advertising? Did you have a control group to compare with?

It is important not only to track the conversions from an ad campaign but also calculate how much it costs. If it cost $10 to generate $1 in revenue, for example, then it might be time for a different marketing strategy.

Conclusion: Start Using Facebook Custom Audiences For Real Estate Agents

As the digital world is becoming more competitive, it has become crucial for businesses to evaluate their marketing campaigns accurately. Facebook Custom Audiences are the latest addition to the advertising measurement toolkit.

Facebook Custom Audiences are meant to target your audience on Facebook with ads based on your selected criteria. It is a powerful way of reaching out to potential leads and customers who have already shown an interest in your business, but have not converted into clients yet.

Organic reach definition: The number of people who have seen your content without being prompted by any external source.

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