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Ever heard of forex trading? What comes to your mind when you hear of it? Forex trading is a good platform to for making a good return online for your money with less hustles and little commitment of your time. Choosing the brokerage to trade with is one of the key issues to consider when selecting the brokerage to start trading with

Question to ask yourself before registering should be: What are the available methods to deposit funds? How easy is it to withdrawal your profits? Which methods are available to withdraw the funds? Is the system user friendly? No need to worry about the details as we have analyzed this for you.

Register with top 1 forex broker in Africa, with almost every method available for depositing and withdrawing fund be it M-pesa, Visa, Paypal and almost all the digital wallets.

The best thing about it is that you don’t have to be an expert to trade it has the best functionality of Kopykat where you are able to copy trades from the Top 100 traders in the platform. To sign up for either a demo account or live account follow the link

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